Lakeside Golf Club & Campground in Shoal Lake, MB

1. All seasonal fees must be paid in full by May 1st and a 50% deposit for the following year must be paid by October 1st. If full payment is not received by May 1st your non-compliance will result in the forfeiting of your seasonal lot. Campers may be left on site during off season at owners own risk.

There will be no refunds for early departures or evictions. Refunds will be given to Seasonal Campers only for certain medical or emergency reasons. The seasonal rate will be prorated using the current daily, weekly and monthly rates in effect at the time of failing to complete the term. Refund will require written proof of emergency or doctor’s note.

2. Any modifications to camp sites must have approval from the Board. This includes sheds, decks, fire pits, additional gravel, etc.

3. Seasonal camping sites are neither transferable nor refundable. The renting, subletting or assigning of camping units, camping privileges or campsites is not permitted.

4. Seasonal renters are responsible for maintaining their site. Keeping the grass cut and garbage put in proper garbage bin is your responsibility. We will have a recycle bin as well as a garbage bin located on the roadside as you leave.

5. The outside of trailers and structures must be kept clean, visually appealing and in good physical condition. Each seasonal renter is responsible for maintaining a neat and clean appearance of their site. Site beautification is encouraged. The clearing of trees or underbrush is strictly forbidden without prior consent of board.

6. One fire pit per site and no picnic table is supplied for seasonal sites.

7. The septic system is designed for valve on your holding tank to be opened when tank becomes 3/4 full and be closed after tank is drained.

8. Maximum of two (2) vehicles are allowed on your designated site.

a. All quads & ATV’s must exit the campground in the most direct route.

b. No quads, ATV’s are allowed on the golf course or on golf cart paths.

c. Management has the right to refuse excessively loud quads, ATV’s or golf carts.

d. Campground visitors must park their vehicles in designated visitor parking area.  

9. All pets must be kept leashed, tied up, caged or under physical control at all times. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Barking dogs or those causing a disturbance will be dealt with promptly. Campers who don’t contain their pets or clean up after their pets will be asked to remove them.

10. Please remember the proximity of your neighbors. Blaring radios, television sets and wind chimes can be annoying. High levels of noises, emanating from people, radios, and pets which complaints are received will be dealt with promptly.

11. Suggested quiet time is 11:00 pm – 7:00 am. Excessive noise or rowdiness is not permitted at any time. Failure to comply will result in persons being removed. You are responsible for the behavior of anyone (visitors, campers) visiting your site. All visitors are bound by campground rules.

12. The access is one way only through campground. Signage will be posted

13. Season Campers are given a 25% discount on yearly memberships for golf.  Contact the clubhouse to pay for memberships.

14. We will strive to keep camping rates as reasonable as possible. You can help by controlling the amount of electricity you consume. Air Conditioners must only be run when necessary and when you are present. Extra lighting is to be turned off when you depart. If you are using an extra fridge an extra $40.00 fee maybe implemented.

15. Under no circumstances is Lakeside Golf Club and Campground liable for injury to persons, including their guests or invitees or for loss of property damage due to fire, theft or accident. Guests must determine what extent of insurance is required to protect themselves and guests against such a loss.

16. Water and power will be shut off the 3rd week of October or depending on weather.  Target turn on date will be May 1st but that is dependent on the weather.



Please send all requests to

Lakeside Golf Club Inc.

Box 456

Shoal Lake, MB. R0J 1Z0

The board of directors Lakeside Golf Club Inc.



2019 Note

Our hydro for the campground for the months of July and August were substantial.  This comes from being busier and it was extremely hot for most of the summer, two good problems.  To help with this moving forward, please remember to turn your air conditioners off if you are away from your site.  Also note the rest of rule 14 above.  We are not charging for extra fridges yet, but keep in mind that we reserve the right to do so if we see fit as a board.