Lakeside Golf Club & Campground in Shoal Lake, MB

2020 Golf Course Fees

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting many aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally. There is still uncertainty about what this means for our golf season.

Lakeside Golf Club is awaiting direction regarding if and when we may open for the season.  We will remain closed until such time the Province determines that it is safe for us to open. Our hope is that golf courses in Manitoba will be permitted to open soon. In the interim we will continue maintaining the course to get it ready for members.

The Golf Course, like countless small businesses, will likely to be impacted by the pandemic. We are developing plans to maximize safety and to minimize risk for when we open. We are also thinking about the implications of an extended closure on our finances.

A critical element for startup every season is cash flow. The most significant factor here is membership fees. It is for that reason that we are initiating a membership drive to start 2020.

So here is what we are suggesting to help generate some cash flow while providing some assurance for our members:

All memberships paid in full will be eligible for a partial refund or transfer of fees to next year if the course remains closed for an extended period of time.

The schedule for refunds or transfer of fees is as follows: If the course does not open prior to July1, members would receive a 25% refund or would be able to apply that 25% against their 2021 membership.  This refund option would increase to 50% as of August 1, 75% as of September 1 and 100% if the course stays closed for the season.

2020 Golf Memberships & Shed Rentals:

Age 10 to 12 - $121.88 +  $6.09GST = $127.97

Age 13 to 17 - $215 + $10.75GST = $225.75

Adults - $439.90 + $22.00GST = $461.90

Husband & Wife - $784.41 + $39.22GST = $823.63

Family with Children Under 18 - $960.83 + $48.05GST = $1008.88

Regular Shed Rental - $157.50 + $7.88GST =$165.38

Electric Shed Rental - $236.25 + $11.81GST = $248.07


Fee payment options:

Option 1:

Payable by E-transfer using the email:

Option 2:

Send a cheque payable to Lakeside Golf Club, to:

    Lakeside Golf Club

    Box 456

    Shoal Lake, MB


Option 3:

Pay in the clubhouse, if it is open.

Option 4:

Payment Plan with post-dated cheques. To explore this option, please call Scott Maynes at 365-6458.

Membership fees or daily green fees must be paid prior to golfing.


While we are optimistic about the golf season getting started, we also recognize this has been a challenging time for many of us. We wish our members, our families and our communities’ safety and health. Hopefully we will see you on the golf course sometime in the near future.